Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cafe World Challenge Week 48

So this is the 48th post about these Cafe World inspired dishes, not the 48th consecutive week, since I've been slowing off towards the end here. If I don't add the two new dishes I've unlocked, I only have 2 more to go. I quite fancy cooking the new ones, so I'll might just add them.

This post I'll share my Chinese New Year Candy box, Creme Fraiche Caviar and my husband's crazy Unbirthday cake.


This box or tray is traditionally served at the Chinese New Year. I found they were a little expensive, but I waited till after the New Year and found one on sale at a good price. It contains an assortment of candied fruits. My favourite being the candied ginger and my kids liked the candied coconut.

The fruits in my box were (from top and clockwise): water chestnut, coconut, winter melon, ginger, soursop, sweet potato and lotus seeds (middle).


For this I used lumpfish roe on toasted baguette with creme fraiche. I've found a local source for creme fraiche, but I've made my own before.

Creme Fraiche

Mix together 1 cup heavy cream and 1 tsp buttermilk. Heat to 85F, pour into a jar and let stand at between 60 and 85F until thickened (12 to 48 hours). Refrigerate and use within 3 weeks.

For those that haven't tried creme fraiche before, it is similar to sour cream, but I find it is not as sour and has a smoother flavour. When I have some leftover from my recipe, I add some vanilla and eat it as dessert with some fruit.


My husband was away for his birthday and the kids were horrified by the thought of a birthday without cake. So I promised we'd make a cake for dad when he returned. This was definitely more for them as they had a ball helping me add colouring to the frosting and sticking decorations to the cake. It was a great March break activity, although I'm still finding drips of bright pink frosting everywhere. I figured it was supposed to be fun and funky so I didn't care about the lopsided cake and messy frosting so the kids got to participate and do their own thing.

I made square cakes instead of round and just cut it to size. I also "cheated" by using box cake...Devil Food cake. Mmmmm good.

New Additions to Cookbook

I've now unlocked Irish Stew, for St Patrick's Day. I actually made one a few weeks back, but I love stew so I'll make another one. Also Beef Wellington, a quintessentially British dish, which I enjoy, but don't think I've ever made myself.

Progress:  84/88 with the two new ones included. Only those and Gem cake and Tandoori Chicken left.

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