Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bias Strip Skirt

I finished the bias strip skirt yesterday, just in time to pack for my trip to South Africa. I really enjoyed the process. When I sew I hardly ever get to spend any length of time at the machine and pretty much make progress seam by seam when I get time. This project was completed while watching TV shows with my husband. I had the cutting mat and rotary cutter upstairs in the living room where I cut my strips and then ran downstairs during commercials to sew the strips together and press. Once the strips were made, it was measuring and pinning during shows and sewing onto skirt during commercials. Hooray for multi-tasking.

The skirt is very girly, but it is fun and cute, so not to be worn any time I want to be taken seriously.

Seeing the photos reminds me I need to add a hook and eye to the back.
I liked this project so much I'm bidding on a lovely fabric bundle on ebay to make another bias strip skirt. Next time though I will make an a-line skirt.

I won't be able to complete my 2nd skirt for the sew-along, as I'm leaving early Tuesday morning and just have too much to do.
 The Carnival of Skirts sew-along was just what I needed to get myself back in the sewing room, thanks to Faye for organizing.

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  1. This looks really pretty, Jen. I'm impressed that you sewed it while watching tv. Finally, a use for commercials!