Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kids sweaters by Gill (my mom)

I've mentioned before that my mom is a great knitter. She has knitted up a storm since we last saw her and she has a bunch of sweaters for the boys when we visit later this month. I've fished out photos of the sweaters she's previously made and have photos of the new ones too. I think they're adorable. Thanks mom, you're a great grandma. My boys are very lucky.

She made this cute elephant sweater for James, my eldest, when he was a wee little baby. It has a matching hat and has since been passed down to Willem (now 18 months). It's getting a little tight now, so I think it is retirement time. This was one outfit I'll definitely keep for sentimental reasons.

My mom also made this blue hoodie which James still wears. He's wearing it to school today.

And a green vest, which has just been passed to Willem.

These are the new ones which we'll see very soon.


  1. your boys are really cute! The small one (willem) looks like the naughty one and big brother james looks like the responsible type!
    I love the sweaters especially the elephant and the dinosaur. lucky, lucky boys!

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