Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Healthy Eating

One of my post vacation goals was to lose some unwanted weight. To achieve this I've followed a meal plan in The Pritikin Weight Loss Breakthrough. This diet as with most healthy eating plans focusses on reducing fat intake, increasing vegetable and fruit intake and replacing refined carbs with whole grains. The book has a 3 week meal plan and 60 recipes. I've often used this book for the delicious recipes.

You can browse the website for the Pritikin Longevity Center to get a better idea of the program. They've taken it to a whole new level that seems to cater to the wealthy and I suppose builds on the principles originally researched by Nathan Pritikin. As with lots of diets, it seems to have turned gimicky to bring in the money.

When I want to lose some weight, I like to follow a printed meal plan for a while to get myself disciplined again. So I basically don't put anything past my lips that isn't in the plan. This tends to work well for me.

I've been using the plan for almost 3 weeks and have dropped 5 pounds. I'd probably like another 10 pounds gone, so I'll be looking around for another plan to continue the weight loss.

I haven't taken any photos of the meals, but some of my favourites have been: Chicken Curry, Vegetarian Chilli, Red Pepper lentil Stew and Bulgar Pilaf (which I've made many times before) and tonight is a Harvest Vegetable Stew with sweet potato, red potatoes, butternut and cauliflower.

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