Friday, November 5, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 35

This week's cake really didn't turn out well, but the kids had an influence in the design and making and they seem to like it.

I'll keep the post short, as I've just watched Megamind in 3D with my son and the 3D thing seems to hurt my eyes after a while. Very cool movie, by the way, LOVED the music.


To be honest there was nothing angelic about this cake. My kids were begging to use the food colour we had bought for making cookies, so I attempted a type of rainbow cake. They went a little crazy with the green colour and it turned out quite darker than I'd planned. I was thinking pastel shades and it turned out quite differently. I also got the bottom and top a little too crispy, as I was using a silly silicone pan and I forgot to adjust the cooking time accordingly.

So lessons learnt:

1. Rainbow cake = not so pretty
2. Angel food cake and silicone pan = bad idea
3. Go out and buy a proper pan.
4. A recipe that requires 11 egg whites should not get !#$%^'ed  up

I think the recipe was good, I used Joy Of Cooking again. Just user error again.

Have a laugh at this silly thing:

Next Up: I'm thinking I'll try Tempura Udon, I love Tempura, but have never made it myself, although I'm NOT keen on deep frying.

Progress: 63/83

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