Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Executive Curl

As part of the Canadian Naval Centenial celebrations, the executive curl has been reintroduced to naval officer's uniforms. My husband is particularly happy about this change. I heard about this change weeks before it came into effect and he ordered new shoulder boards and sent his mess dress uniform away for the alteration. His usual tailor is in Victoria, BC, which is on the other side of the country, so it usually takes a few weeks to send out and get back, but at present the wait time is higher because the whole navy is trying to get their uniforms altered. So Jenny to the rescue. My husband ordered the new braid and I had to alter his "Service Dress" tunic within a few days, so that he had the "New Look" for all his speaking engagements and parades for Veterans week. Little did I know he went full monty on me and ordered the expensive GOLD braid (as opposed to the gold coloured braid he had previously). I need to have a little chat with him...maybe that $90/yard cashmere could be justified somehow, since he just spent $175 on just the braid for his tunic. Surely that much for a whole jacket is not unreasonable!!! (wink, wink)

So anyway, back to the sewing task. I did a little experimenting with the little bit extra and found that I needed to use a fine needle (I used a size 70 machine embroidery needle), else the machine punched holes in the gold. I really expected it would've been harder to sew, but it was not too bad. I'm not sure of the actual content, only that it is partly real gold. Since I did work in the gold industry, I found this use very interesting...but knowing that gold is very malleable and pliable, it isn't too surprising though.

It actually took longer to carefully open out the lining and sleeves and remove the previous braid than it took to sew it all back up again. One very hepful tip I got from the tailor...the measurement between the stripes was exactly the same as a cable tie (zip-strap), and she actually sent one with the order. So I didn't have to carefully measure or pin. I just laid the sleeve flat, placed the cable tie snugly against the adjacent braid and then the new braid against the cable tie and sewed carefully. Brilliant!!! The cable tie was also the same height as the braid so it was very easy.

The new gold braid with executive curl on top, the bottom two stripes are still the old coloured braid. In person you can really see the difference, the gold shines beautifully. Before the curl came back, the top stripe was the same as the bottom two.

A close up of the completed sleeve braid. I admit that the real gold does look mighty fine.

Peter wearing his tunic with his new executive curl braid. He's happy and I'm happy that he's happy, and boy he looks good in that uniform.

A Final Thought:

This week, and especially on Remembrance Day, we remember the sacrifices of our veterans. Where we are today is a reflection of their service and sacrifice. I encourage you to wear a poppy, to engage with our veterans, and to attend a Remembrance Day ceremony near you.
On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, we stop and remain silent for two minutes to think about our veterans. It’s a short two minutes, but it’s long enough to reflect on the great country we live in, the freedom to live as we do, and our courageous veterans who helped make it that way.

It’s the least we can do.

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