Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm in LOVE...but can I do it??

This is the object of my undying affection......

It is the Minimissimi Sweater Coat, scroll down on the link's page to get some more views. I found this last week and have been drooling over it ever since.

Now I have never knitted anything this complicated before and have never used a chart when knitting, I love to knit but am absolutely no expert. So I might be fooling myself, but I think I want to try this.
How should I go about it? I think I should try little steps and practice the cables with yarn in my stash and see how it goes first.

The good thing is that I'm visiting my mom in December and I know she'd be able to knit this, so I should aim to start it while I'm there and she can give me pointers while I go. I should also join a knitting group once I get back home so that I could get tips & help from more experienced knitters.

The other excuse to start it in South Africa, is that there's this little wool farm snuggled into the mountains in the winelands and I've always loved to visit it and buy their wool. I sure hope it still exists, because this sweater coat is screaming for their wool.

So a challenge it is!! But what a reward!!


  1. this look absolutely gorgeous. do you have a front view?

    i love cables and once you get the hang of it, they are not difficult to do. but this is quite an ambitious project and if i were to do it, i MAY be able to wear it in fall 2010!

    wish i had a mum who can knit.

  2. The front view is on the website, but the photo link is:

    Yes, I'm also a very slow knitter and I don't think mine would be finshed by fall 2010, but I can always try!!