Monday, October 12, 2009

South African Milk Tart

I promised to make some of my South African favourites and here is my first. It is a lovely creamy tart ideal for dessert or tea time.

Melktert as it is known in Afrikaans, my 2nd language, has many variations. This version is my favourite and is the one my mom gave me. Beware of some recipes on the internet, if it doesn't say traditional South African or at least written by a South African, I've found they're too sweet and sometimes don't set properly. My mom uses a cookie crumb base, but I had a frozen pie shell so I used that instead.

I had a South African food evening with some girlfriends earlier this year and it was a hit, so enjoy.

Milk Tart recipe

1 prepared pie crust or crush cookies and mix with melted butter.
30 ml corn flour/starch
1 egg
30 ml flour
500 ml milk (2 cups)
Pinch salt
½ cup (125 ml) sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Line a serving dish with cookies crumbs mixed with melted butter or prepare a pie crust according to its directions.
Beat egg, sugar, flour, corn flour, salt and vanilla. Boil milk. Pour boiling milk over egg mixture and stir. Return to pan. Bring to Boil, stirring all the time. Mixture must thicken. Pour into prepared pie dish and refrigerate until set. Serve sprinkled with cinnamon

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