Sunday, June 6, 2010

Black & Red Shift Dress

I've made up a new dress using Simplicity 2583, a "Project Runway" pattern.

I used View B, sleeveless with the knot on the neck band. I used the black crepe which I've used before and a red linen blend which I brought back from South Africa. The design changed a few times, firstly because I didn't have much of the red fabric and then I had a serger accident and cut a hole in the bottom of the centre front. I played around with a few options and finally settled on just adding a black band at the bottom. It was actually hubbie's idea!! Yay Pete!! Thanks.

It was going to have 3/4 sleeves, but we went to a garden party this afternoon and I thought it would be a perfect dress, but a little hot for the weather. So I made it sleeveless instead and as it turned out, the weather was cool and breezy. So I didn't boil in the black dress. I also found that I could slip it on without the zipper, so I left it out.

I truly love this dress. I got more excited about it the more I sewed and loved wearing it. My husband also loved me wearing it, he went around telling people, "Doesn't Jen look lovely in the dress SHE MADE!!" He was very sweet and now thinks I should made an exact version in yellow and navy.

I think he is so impressed with the sewing that he's asked me to make him new High Collar Whites. He apparantly has a "pattern" but who knows. It might be a good challenge.

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  1. its so sweet that your husband brags about you!!