Friday, June 25, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 16

I totally forgot about posting this week. It's been one of husband was away for most of it and of course my eldest gets strep throat and is miserable. It didn't help that this was his last week of school before summer holidays and he didn't get to see his friends, he's a sensitive little soul. He managed to get better for today, which was his pre-school's family picnic, so we had a blast outside with the kids, playing soccer, swimming and then treated the kids to ice cream at McDonald's. So we were all bombed from the sun, activity and sugar and had an extra long nap, correction I had a short nap and the rest of the family is still sleeping.

So I'll get to it. I only made one dish, an easy one for a crazy week.

Chips and Guacamole

I LOVE avocadoes and there are some good, ripe avos in the stores right now. I hate buying avos that aren't ready and then I invariably can't wait and open it and it's too hard to enjoy. I find the avos I buy here in North America though are rather tasteless compared to the beauties I was used to in South Africa. I think we have about three main growing areas there and the avos are ready at slightly different times, I suppose we were just closer to the trees and we got them fresher or something.
So since I love avos, obviously I love guacamole too, although I am picky about it, I have never liked guacamole bought from the store, you just can't taste the avo.
So this is my quick version, I use salsa instead of the fresh tomato, red onion and chillies I use when I have time. I always have half used jars of salsa in my fridge, as my hubbie usually impulsively buys tortilla chips, salsa and hot pepper hummus when I send him to the store, forgetting about the same stuff he already had in the fridge. I usually STRESS emphatically that he should stick to the list I give him, so he usually forgets at least one thing from the list and comes home with a ton of other stuff and suggests, "honey I thought we could have this for dinner". OMG what did he think the list was for!!!! I usually plan meals a week ahead, so I've taken stuff out the freezer and/or need to use up something.

Wow I totally went off-topic there, so sorry, but I'm sure some of you know that feeling ;) So on to the recipe:


2 ripe avocadoes, peeled and pitted
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 clove garlic, minced
3/4 cup salsa
salt to taste
hot-pepper sauce to taste

Mash up the avos with a fork and combine with the other ingredients. Easy, Peasy.
Serve with tortilla chips.

1. I like the "scoop" variety of tortilla chips as they don't have fragile corners that break off in the dip. This guacamole is nice and chunky and needs a sturdier chip to handle it and you get lots of dip in the scoop.
2. The lemon juice is to help the avos from going brown but I'd suggest storing in the fridge with plastic wrap spread on the surface of the dip to prevent contact with the air. Its best to serve this shortly after making it.

Cafe World Cookbook additions

Some yummy ones this time:
Chocolate Cream Pie, Raspberry Cheesecake and Lox Bagel

Progress: 32/70

Next up: I've actually planned, An easy version of one of the new desserts, Falafel and Herbed Halibut. Thinking about it now, I might just squeeze in some Lobster. I have to play "catch up".

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