Friday, August 20, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 24

I was pretty lazy this week and only made the one Cafe World dish and I cheated on that one too by using convenient ready made ingredients.

Fiery Fish Tacos

When my husband heard I was making fish tacos he wasn't happy...."Tacos have meat, meat or wait for it, meat." So whatever!!! My kids also whined a little when they heard the word fish. They haven't liked fish for a few weeks now and will only eat certain breaded box fish like fish sticks or my eldest loves smoked salmon. This doesn't stop me from making fish, as they can suck it up, eat one bite and focus on their veggies. The Cafe World version has seared tuna, but I figured I wouldn't fork out the cash for tuna steaks if it'll go to waste. So I made a compromise and used the boxed Tempura battered Haddock which my youngest actually likes. I saw many versions of fish tacos online and the idea of using coleslaw appealed to me, plus my kids will eat it if they don't like the rest. So I also cheated there and bought some coleslaw from the deli section. I also used avocado as a treat for myself. I LOVE Avos. So my version (cheats and all) looks like this:


1 package Taco shells - for convenience I love the Stand and Stuff variety (Genius!!!)
1 package of favourite frozen fish
Chili powder to taste
Creamy coleslaw from deli (or homemade)
Salsa (hotter if you want it fiery fish tacos)

Sprinkle some chili powder on fish, if desired. Cook the fish according to package instructions. Cut into bite-size pieces.
Cut Avos into little cubes.
To serve: spoon coleslaw into warmed taco shell and top with fish, avo and salsa.

Up Next: No idea...check back next Foodie Friday.

Progress: 47/76

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  1. Hey Jen, thanks for your comment. This was my second Friday Night Sew in. I love it and use it as a motivator to get some things done. What a great "I wish I had thought of that" idea.