Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jammies for James

My little guy James has sprouted these long legs this summer and I thought I'd treat him with some new pajamas. I'd previously made him pajamas 2 years ago and they will now get passed on to little brother Willem. James always has such a loving and wonderful response to my sewing that I just had to sew something for him again. He's always telling me, "Mommy that's so pretty," etc, etc. He's my little budding fashion maven. He actually had quite an opinion on Sunday night with the Emmy dresses, but I will get to that at the end.

I opted to make cotton knit pajamas this time, last time it was cotton flannelette. I used a pattern from the Burda magazine, Nov 2009 #143. It was the first full pattern from Burda magazine that I've made. I've previously just used components like sleeves to alter other patterns. The pattern was extremely simple, I actually just read through the instructions once and proceeded on my own. They have raglan sleeves and neckline, cuffs and waistbands are finished with tubular ribbing and top stitched with a twin needle. My problem with the pajamas was actually the fabric. I used a grey soft cotton jersey, but found that it was totally off-grain. So I had to get creative with the cutting layout to try to cut out on grain. Then the red ribbing I used just seemed to stretch like crazy and didn't shrink in with steam. So it didn't turn out as I hoped, but I've just looked at the pattern photo again and it seems that the ribbing on that was also very wide. I've learnt my lesson and will check stretch before I buy.

James loves it though, and I quote, "Ooooh mommy it's so soft and red's my favourite colour." These have been made a little big and will last a few years, I hope.

I'll also show you the previous Pj's, just because I can't believe how much my baby has grown.

Now on to my James' Emmy fashion critique:

His favourite: Lea Michele in Navy Oscar de la Renta

And he was no fan of January Jones' electric blue outfit, "That's crazy looking."

As for myself:

I wasn't a fan of January Jones' bed head hairstyle and well I wouldn't wear that dress.
I thought both Jane Lynch and Claire Danes get my vote for best dressed, because they both seemed comfortable, happy and positively radiant. Actually I liked most dresses, this was a good year with some stylish looks and very few people trying to make over the top fashion statements.

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