Friday, September 3, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 26

I made two more dishes this week. I started with Corn dogs, which I just don't eat or for that matter allow my kids to eat. So I had to get creative to make something I would put in my mouth. While I'm typing I waiting for my Sorbet to finish making. I bought a new little ice cream machine. Actually after getting home I realised it was a "Soft Serve" ice cream machine, so hopefully it works for the sorbet. It was a choice between this cute little maker for $40 or the MUCH bigger Cuisinart all purpose maker for $100. I know I'm cheap, but I also just don't have the space for the big one. At least the little bowls for my model fit in my freezer without me having to completely empty it and I can store the lid/motor/paddles in the space I have available.


I spent most of my life never having heard of this fast food option. It simply doesn't exist in South Africa where I grew up. So I naturally had to try when I encountered this thing when I moved to North America. I wasn't impressed!!! It was heartburn on a stick!! For my readers in other parts of the world who likewise know nothing of this, check out the wikipedia entry that will fill you in. It is basically a frankfurter/wiener/Vienna sausage encased in a corn batter and deep fried. Since I had to make this at some stage for the challenge, I thought about what exactly I didn't like about the corn dogs. Firstly I hate deep frying foods, so I would not do that, I also don't like the spongy consistency of the corndogs or they usually use those red sausages that have a more fake flavour. So after some research I found a kids cookbook at the library that had a recipe for Corn Doggies and this was perfect, they use pie crust mix and corn meal with a bit of chili powder and these are baked, not fried, healthier and they were crispy, so I actually liked them. I used the smoked wieners too, so it tasted very much better than those I'd eaten before.

Sirius Sorbet

This dish was part of the Alien theme, so it has some fantasy components. According to Cafe World the steps were: Dust Stars, Gather Plasma, Refine Light, Condensing Nebulae, Pureeing Stardust and Freezing Plasma. Which evokes some really cool images, but alas not practical for the kitchen. I was just going to flip through a few cookbooks and find a recipe for some refreshing sorbet, which would be great in this HOT weather. I was uninspired by the options in many of the books, but picked up SAHA, a cookbook I got for Mother's Day and haven't made anything yet. Check out this previous post to see the book. It has an entire chapter dedicated to ice creams and sorbets. So I started having silly thoughts rather cornier than my corndogs, and figured that Alien can mean Foreign, so if I made the Lebanese Lemonade Sorbet, it would fit the theme?? It works for me.

I love all things lemon, so this sorbet would be perfectly refreshing and delicious.

An adaptation of the recipe from the book (as well as a few others)can be found on The Stone Soup Blog, scroll right to the bottom for the sorbet recipe.

I had to wait a few days to be able to make this one as the store had these pitiful-looking lemons, not good enough for my needs. Eventually I went in and found these beautiful big yellow darlings. I bought the 10 required for the recipe and when I started cleaning and preparing them, the little sticker told me...grown in South Africa. Awesome, way to go homeland!!! So I couldn't resist taking a photo.

After using the ice cream maker, I wish I'd gotten a different one, it just makes 1 or 2 person servings at a time. I have two bowls, but they have to get frozen again before I can make some more. That sucks. So I will keep the lemonade mix in the fridge and make the sorbet as I want it. Luckily it only takes 10 minutes to make a batch.

Excuse the sorbet pic below....I got distracted by kiddie needs and my sorbet started melting before I could get a shot, but you get the idea!!

Cookbook Additions

Ranch Beans have been included for the Wild West theme and I've completed a new team catering challenge and unlocked the Birthday Cupcakes, bad timing I could have made them two weeks ago for mine.

Up Next: Shrimp Cocktail, but not North American style...

Progress: 50/78 (that looks good only 18 more)

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