Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Birthday

Well it seems I missed my 1 year mark yesterday. So Happy Birthday Pots and Pins!!!
As I predicted in the first post, I haven't posted every day, but I challenged myself to keep posting by introducing the Cafe World Challenge. You readers might be put off by the gaming aspect, but it is all cooking, which I love to do. It's forced me to post and also to really think about some classic dishes in a new way and introduced me to some international fare that I otherwise wouldn't have prepared.

As far as the sewing goes, eeek, I've been really bad, in the last year I've completed 14 items, with two major alterations, the body armour and an evening dress (which didn't make it to the blog) and one knitting project. Okay looking at it that way, I suppose it wasn't too bad, more than one a month. I judge myself harshly because my mind sews faster than the body and is always on to the next project before I'm done with the current and I think sometimes my mind is too detailed in it's expectations. Are any of your minds also prone to such misbehaviour????

I'm enjoying some mindless knitting....squares for two blankets and a chunky scarf, I've also started a camisole in a lovely hemp/cotton blend, which is a new experience for me as I've never knitted entirely in the round before, this one is not mindless...note to self don't knit this one with husband or especially kids around. I had severe stress trying to follow the pattern on a road trip with the whole family. Yea I know...not too clever!!! I bought myself a sock book, so want to start a pair in the next blog year, and also want to knit something small for my little guy, he deserves more than hand-me-downs from his big brother. Remember THIS POST, well I still love that Minimissimi sweater coat, but have taken it off my To-Do list for now. I need to get better at knitting before I attempt it. That coat needs fabulous yarn and I don't want to waste money on something I'll probably foul up every row.

My next sewing project is a winter wool jacket. I've had an idea of what I wanted for a while and a photo in the Fall 2010 Sew Stylish magazine totally encapsulates my vision. Its on page 14 for those who have the mag, it is a ready-to-wear coat that's been modified by adding fur cuffs and collar. The magazine doesn't have a photo on their website, but have a glimpse at the images below (ignore the fur)

The coat pictured is pretty much exactly what I want, except the fur, yoke at bustline and an applied yoke with the jacket flaring slightly. I thought it would be a pretty common design, but obviously not. I've spent weeks searching patterns and found only some options, but they just don't appeal to me. I'm now searching vintage patterns. Do any of you know a pattern I could use?? I ask myself, "Why am I so inflexible in my vision???" I'm sure after a few more days I'll be absolutely crazy and give up the search. I really want to make a well fitting, well tailored jacket so don't want to add additional effort adapting a pattern to my wishes, when I'm sure the fitting and tailoring will be quite enough of a challenge on their own.

This time last year I was also sad because I couldn't attend the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan, which is less than an hour away across the border. Travelling to the US is not easy on a South African passport, but I became a Canadian citizen earlier this year and am now a proud Canadian passport holder, so in two weeks I can cross the border and engulf myself in sewing heaven.

Personally the last year has changed for me too. My little guy started full-time preschool a few days ago and my bigger guy will be starting Kindergarten next week. My boys sure have grown up. So that leaves me home alone for now. It feels very weird, but I'm hoping to find a job that'll allow me some flexibility to still be available when the kids get out of school.

So here's to another year, I'll hopefully get that Cafe World Challenge finished and spend some more blogging time on my sewing and knitting passions. Thanks for reading and goodnight!!


  1. Happy blog birthday Jen...Here's to another great year!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my lining. Wishing you much success with your tailored jacket!