Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the Beginning

I've jumped aboard the blogwagon and will be taking you through my adventures in sewing and the culinary arts. I don't profess to be an expert in either, but they're my two favourite hobbies and I have fun doing them.
My original mentor in these areas was my mommy, Gill, who taught me to sew, cook, knit and be a good mom. My new mentors in the sewing world are the ladies (& some guys) on the Stitchers Guild Forum , who provide constant inspiration and advice. They also have contests and sew-alongs that give me a much needed kick-in-the-butt to get some projects done and sew with purpose.

As far as cooking is concerned, yes I am sometimes inspired by the celebrity chefs out there and at a stage did religiously watch the Food Network, but I'd rather be cooking and sewing than watching it on TV. I love to browse through my cookbooks and pick out recipes or find one in my recipe scrapbook (you'll probably hear about that in detail later) or other sources such as food packaging, magazines, TV, Internet and emails.

My husband will probably look at this blog, roll his eyes and laugh. He thinks I'm obssessive compulsive about certain things and my need to make lists and spreadsheets probably comes from my engineering days. This is just another crazy way to document my activities...but hey why not.

So although I don't make a recipe every day and I won't finish a garment every week, I will try to keep the blog updated about my thoughts and crazy plans.

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  1. Welcome to blogland. I look forward to reading all your posts!!