Sunday, September 27, 2009


One of my goals in life is to learn, always learn new things and try out new experiences. So in this spirit I specifically chose the Bamboo shirt by Sewing Workshop for the Six-Piece Autumn Collection sew-along. To make things simpler it will now be called the 6-PAC. Thanks to Elizabeth (ejvc at Stitchers Guild) for coming up with the acronym.

I spent yesterday working on the shirt and have now made my very first welt pocket. It got off to a rocky start as I confused the pockets' right and wrong sides, but I just adjusted the markings and made the pocket bag smaller. The vertical welt pocket is just a design detail, as I wouldn't really put anything into such as pocket, so it really didn't matter if I goofed the pocket bag.

I was also busy making tucks and pleats on the back and have more pleats to look forward to on the cuffs. I also want to look for flesh toned interfacing. Do they make this?? I don't like the way the white interfacing shines through the white fabric.

I'm dreading making the buttonholes, as my machine seems to wig out every time I flip to the automatic buttonhole setting. But I will persevere and figure something out.

On a positive note....I have my serger back from service and it's stitching like a dream. It has never worked this well.

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