Friday, August 27, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 25

This week was the first since I started this challenge that I didn't have anything done for the challenge. I was going to possibly blog about another un-Cafe world-related meal or treat that I have photos of and stored as a future blog possibility, but I woke up and thought hell I'd better at least make one of the breakfast dishes. It would have been easy to make the pancakes as I have the recipe in my head, yes I make them often, but alas I didn't have buttermilk, so I made waffles. Now in hindsight it probably would have been faster to load the kids in the car and quickly pick up some buttermilk and I would've had pancakes on the table faster than these waffles took. I usually have a pancake/waffle mix in the cupboard for week day mornings or when I don't have buttermilk for my pancakes. But I can't really claim to have made waffles for the challenge if they came from a box. Serious cheating.

Things are even more chaotic now, as my husband is out of town and I had to still make my James' lunch for day camp and get them in the bath and dressed appropriately, oh and today was water day, so I had to find bathing suit and towel and what did you say today is show and tell. CHAOS!!!!

So I would not recommend making this recipe when you are rushed. It was just the first one google threw out at me when I woke up so I'm sure there are simpler Belgian Waffle recipes out there. Now when I am not rushed and have time to make a relaxing weekend breakfast for my family, I use a waffle recipe that adds 7-grain cereal or oatmeal to the basic, mmmm it gives a nice crunch and is a bit healthier.

Belgian Waffles

I used a recipe from

The whipped cream topping is very yummy, but I found the actual recipe quite time consuming. Also the mix seemed very runny and buttery compared to waffles I'm used to. It tasted fine though and the boys were happy. Now when does the little one nap....I need a rest.

Next up: No idea, but I must get organised.

Progress: 48/76

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