Friday, October 22, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 33

This is my last week of campaign volunteering, so this time next week I'll either be a woman of leisure again or have a job, but between you and me I think I'd like to have a little leisure time for a while.

This week I turned a boring regular meal into one of the new Cafe World meals, In Flight Meal. At the beginning of the week I had a grandiose idea to select various real airline's meals and serve them this week, kind of a best of what the different airlines offer, but my husband was away and I totally ran out energy, so I just tried to copy the graphic from the game.


During my research into airline meals, I found this website,, it shows actual photos people have taken of their meals and rate them etc. I was interesting having a look at the airline fare from around the world. I actually quite like airline food and especially look forward to South African Airways flights into South Africa, as they usually have some local cuisine that I sample before I arrive home. The only problem I have with airline/airport eating is that I tend to eat too much as you fill time waiting by sitting in a restaurant at the airport and then you get food immediately when you take off and you have your meals at strange times.

This week's meal has no recipe, I copied the game graphic by serving steak, steamed veg, salad, bread roll, juice and a packaged dessert.

 Up next: I have duck in the fridge ready for making Chinese Roast duck, which will be similar to Peking Duck, I don't have the ability to make Peking Duck in my kitchen so this will be close enough.

Progress: 60/82

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