Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cafe World Challenge

I play Cafe World (amongst other) games on Facebook. Yes, I know, it's a terrible time waster, but a REALLY fun one. Cafe World is basically a virtual restaurant, where you prepare and serve various dishes to customers. It's all about time and resource management and its fun to advance through with your friends' help.

Now a few days ago I was tired and hadn't planned anything for dinner, ugh what to make? Something quick? So I was actually busy virtually serving up some "Hotdog and Garlic Fries" while quickly playing some Cafe World, and thought hey wait, not bad, it'll be minimal effort & the kids will love me for it. So that night I made hotdogs (on wholewheat buns, of course) and used frozen regular and sweet potato fries. I love garlic fries and haven't made them in ages, but realised that my favourite garlic topper was finished, so I've ordered some more.

So that got me thinking about the other dishes in my cafe. Mmm, some are good classics, some are just for fun, like Stardust Stew & Dino Eggs, skip those and some would be interesting to try out.

So why think and not do!!! I've decided to blog my way through the dishes in Cafe World. So when I have a few dishes complete I'll post them here and keep track of the progress. I'll still be doing my other stuff, like SWAP.....I know not much progress reported, but I'm busy, just haven't finished any one thing in a while.

Okay, I was going to make a list of all the dishes here, but that's not going to work. I've just copied down the entire list from the cookbook and am flabagasted at the number... 54. Wow this is going to take a while, it always takes just a few clicks to get through the list on the game. So I will make the list at the bottom of the right margin, so scroll down for the list. I will mark off the recipes as they are completed. Otherwise I will just have a counter with each post.

I have a life outside of the computer ie. blog & facebook games, so I think I'll aim to do a Cafe World post once a week. So I'll declare tomorrow as Foodie Friday and see if I can post the recipes & reviews every Friday. So check back tomorrow for the 1st installment.

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  1. This site is awesome!!! Why doesn't this get more traffic?!

  2. Thanks Dee, I've been crazy busy lately so haven't posted in a while.