Friday, March 12, 2010

CW Challenge Week 1

Today I bring you 2.5 completed dishes and they were interesting choices, as they really highlighted the differences between the "North American way" and the "South African way" or at least how I grew up eating things.

Hotdog minus Garlic Fries

As explained in yesterday's post, this was the introductory dish to the challenge. I've counted this as a half dish, as I didn't make the garlic fries, but plan them for later.
Since this is considered a junkie, non-healthy dish in my house, I upped the nutrition by serving them with wholewheat buns and adding sweet potato fries as well. I didn't take a photo, because quite frankly, a hotdog is a hotdog and you really didn't need to see mine. I have the Cafe World version in the pic below, so you can see the inspiration.
Now the difference between the way my husband eats hotdogs, being brought up in Canada, and myself, who grew up in South Africa is the choice of condiments or fixin's, as they say here.

My husband reaches for ketchup and what I refer to as Kiddie mustard, which is your standard variety bright yellow stuff. He would also ladle on relish and onions if it was served, but since I'm making them, these aren't options.

I also have ketchup, but in South African we call it Tomato Sauce, and I bring my hotdog alive with a healthy dose of Colman's Hot English Mustard, Keen's would be the equivalent more commonly available in North America. This mustard is much hotter then the tame kiddie stuff and can clear your sinuses beautifully if not careful.

Powdered French Toast

Next up is the French toast for breakfast, which I quite enjoy and make a few times a month. Again, I eat mine somewhat differently, I prefer savoury toasts and put kethup on mine instead of syrup. I have never powdered mine with sugar, which I find too sweet combined with the syrup for breakfast. Now I ask other South African readers, other than my family, is the tomato sauce on french toast thing South African or just something odd I've grown up doing? (you can answer in the comment box below) I've never been quite sure on that one....

So here is my version and you can compare it to Cafe World's version. Mine is served with Pure Canadian Maple syrup, of course, and fresh strawberries, unfortunately not local this time of year.

Ginger Plum Pork Chops

Totally yummy and completely quick and easy. Even my 4 year asked for the leftovers the next day instead of the french toast, so it must've been good.

I used plum butter, which I love and would use the jar up quickly. You can use plum preserves or whatever plum ingredient tickles your fancy. I used the dried ginger as I didn't have any fresh on hand.


Pork chops, I used 5.
About half a cup plum preserves/butter
3Tbsp cider vinegar
2 tsp dried ground ginger or use 1 Tbsp fresh ginger
1tsp vegetable oil.

Brown the pork chops in the vegetable oil. Mix the other 3 ingredients and add to the chops, heat, serve and enjoy!!!

Very easy, less than 10 minutes.

Next Up: French Onion Soup for this weekend and some other dishes. See you next Friday for Challenge Week 2.

Progress: 2.5/ 54

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  1. well I live in texas and I have never heard of someone putting ketchup on their french toast and honestly it sounds quite nasty, lol.

  2. LOL, yes..maybe my family is just plain weird.