Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubbie!!

Well, it's my husband's birthday today and I thought I'd share the menu. Something a little different and a delicious treat.

Now have you ever seen these things (below) in the store and wondered WTF is that and what do you do with that. Well, here is an option.

The purple thingie is rutabaga and the gnarly root whatsit is celeriac or celery root. Now don't misunderstand...this selection in no way reflects my feelings for my Peter. ALTHOUGH, he does look like he just crawled out the ground in the following shot (taken in Afghanistan)

I've never used either of these before so it was a good discovery. I was browsing through a publication of "All you need is Cheese" brought out by the Diary Farmers of Canada and was looking for something interesting to make and this Rutabaga Oka Soup kind of popped out at me. The website even has a demo video, which I've only now discovered.

I garnished my soup with Gouda Cheese, since I didn't have Oka at home and I concentrated my apple puree more than the recipe intended, producing a sweeter puree more like apple butter. I would really recommend serving this with the apple puree, as the soup itself is mild flavoured and the little touch of the apple and cheese in every bite really complements the soup. Overall a great choice, even if the veg were a little rude looking to start off.

* Please mind the soup shlosh, terribly messy of me!! On the list of to-do's...get better at photography/set-up

The dessert I made has been sitting on the to-make list for a while. Chocolate, Pear & Almond Tarts are little bite size glories. Check out the recipe, they've been a hit in my house.

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