Sunday, May 16, 2010

SWAP 2010 is Done...but not mine.

The final SWAP Collections are up and the winners have been announced.3rd Prize: Yorkshire Lass' Black Rainbow SWAP, 2nd Prize: Kbenco's First Rung SWAP and Grand Prize: Carolyn's Midnight Blue SWAP. Well done ladies, your collections are fantastic and voting wasn't easy. I loved the different interpretations of the rules. As you can see mine isn't there. I didn't get finished, but loved the process. I will still sew up the dresses I planned as they are all in various stages of completion.

My finished garments included:
1. Red polka dot dress
2. Red silk top
3. Peachy/pink mandarin collar blouse
4. Black tank with lace
5. Black long skirt
6. Purple satin skirt
7. Knitted boat neck sweater (not finished before deadline)

I get lots of wear out of the red dot dress and the black tank and I've worn the long black skirt once. I think the red silk top must have gotten hidden in the closet as there is no reason for me not to wear it. I've put the mandarin collar blouse on a few times but I've found something else that worked better on each occasion. I'm sure it'll be worn soon. As for that purple skirt, I feel inclined to give it away, although I could keep it for costume parties.

As you can see from the list, I finished the sweater earlier in the week. I think it took me 4 months almost to the day, which may seem really long for some of you power knitters out there, but I don't think I've ever finished a knitting project in under a year. So I am HAPPY!!! And I can wear it, it fits. I've given away my last few projects as they were too tight or short.

The pattern used came from the Canadian Living website, I chose it because it seemed really easy for the SWAP time frame. I used an acrylic yarn, TLC Essentials in Harvest. I didn't want to use costlier yarn with my track record. Since the pattern doesn't have ribbing at the edges, the sleeves, bottom and neckline roll over. I actually like this. I also love the colours in the yarn.

I also sewed up another long black skirt for one of the formal dinners. I used McCalls 3436, View F, the A line skirt. I've had this pattern for a while and thought it would sew up really quickly, which it did. I used black crepe and produced a simple long skirt that is very handy for all my events. I can just switch around tops for different looks.

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