Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Body Armour Alteration

I've just completed a really fun and interesting project....altering body armour for a friend.

He has two vests which he uses for work and he needed help mending one with a ripped seam and altering another that was two small. He was close to a fire and the thread melted along one side (the blue vest) and the nylon fabric shredded, so I had to make a repair that would be strong and not compromise fit. He'd bought some rubber backed nylon, upholstery thread and Velcro, so the projects just cost me a few jean needles, which were on my machine anyway.

I moved the side straps on the brown vest and the vest fit again through the middle. After a fitting, he mentioned that he's always hated his lower stomach being exposed when wearing his vests, not too safe. I extended the shoulder straps and applied extra Velcro and he now has better coverage.

It is clear that the vests are not his size, but hopefully they now fit his 6'6" (I think??) frame much better. Since I don't have an industrial machine, some of the stitching isn't too pretty, but I reinforced all seams and I've been assured its the strength that counts.

A fun job and I've been promised a fun barbecue and night out as reward.

Extended shoulder straps

Moved the side strap

Extended shoulder straps

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