Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Fashionable Royal Visit

With Her Majesty The Queen's visit to Canada ending today, I thought I'd show her fashion choices for the visit. I was surprised by the vibrant colour and just loved her hats.

It seems she has some rules when it comes to her hats:
- They must give her an aura of formality
- They mustn't muss her hair
- They must have an upturned brim so that people and photographers can see her face
- They must be colourful so that she stands out and people can see her

Click below to take you to a Maclean's photo slideshow of her ensembles.
Canadian Tour Royal Fashion

Which are your favourites??

I see the dress she wore last night to the State Dinner was not included. Apparently she "recycled" this dress, by having the bead work on the right sleeve changed. The gown was originally worn to a state dinner in Trinidad and Tobago last autumn and had been decorated with the country's national birds, the scarlet ibis and cocrico. The original design used sea pearls and sequins. These were removed and replaced by Swarovski crystals to form a maple leaf design.

As I'd previously mentioned, my husband attended the State Dinner last night. I saw him on TV a few times and found this very poor photo with him in it. I hope to see the official photos soon. Lucky guy!!

In the last few weeks during The Queen's visit as well as the G20/G8, I've noticed Laureen Harper's excellent fashion choices. She's Canada's First Lady. I think I'll scour the web for the outfits I've seen recently and share.

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  1. Laureen Harper is so fucking sexy!