Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Look at Laureen

As promised I've found a selection of fashions recently worn by Laureen Harper, Canada's First Lady.

First off, my favourite, worn at the opening dinner of the G8/G20 Summit last month. I love the departure from the somber coloured suits seen in previous years. She's shown with the lovely Michelle O who looks stunning in white again.

An outfit she wore a few years back in Japan at another G20 Summit. She has a great figure and this light blue paisley silk shows it off perfectly. I also love the green and blue colour combo.

Classic black and white for The Queen's arrival in Halifax. I like Governor-General, Michaelle Jean's outfit on the left, a little groovier.

In black and red with a great hat for the International Fleet Review in Halifax.

Both front and back views of her Canada Day dress, a belted red number with another great hat.

A very cool hot pink and black dress. I really liked this look, a bit edgy but still suitable for the occasion.

Then finally the dress she wore to The Official Dinner with The Queen. It was really difficult to find a photo that showed off the dress better, so a partial view will have to do.

So what do you think? I know I've been watching the news and remarking on Laureen's wardrobe, I think she's really stepped it up and is looking great. Also who doesn't love a lady that can look great in heels and silk and then hop onto a dirt bike the next day.

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  1. Laureen has stepped up her fashion game considerably over the past year or so. She has both looks(in the case she is actually pretty hot)and good fashion sense. She has the whole package!