Friday, November 20, 2009

Cranberry Bran Muffins

There was some forum talk about cranberry muffins yesterday, so I was inspired to make some. I decided to try a new recipe, and chose the bran ones, as I adore bran muffins.

The recipe comes out of the Martha Stewart Living Cookbook: The New Classics. Unfortuntely this recipe doesn't seem to be on her website.

What's in it?

The usual muffin ingredients
Wheat bran
dark brown sugar
orange zest (the classic cranberry mate)
fresh or frozen cranberries

The result

This muffin is really tasty and satisfied my cranberry muffin craving. I used a suggestion I picked up to cut the berries while still frozen. This eliminates the exploding juicy berries and the resulting mess. There is a large amount of batter for the 12 muffins and I was able to make a bigger sized muffin.

As I've mentioned before, if the recipe isn't available online, I won't reprint it without permission. I would recommend this book, as it is big and has some really great recipes or check out your local library. Another option...said in a to go to google books, find the book and use the search box with the recipe name. This doesn't seem right to me, but it is there and you didn't hear it from me.

Now I hope I can keep family paws off the muffins so that our babysitter can have a treat tonight too. I'm going to the movies with hubbie, which is unusual for us with the kids and all. But I've waited a long time for this weekend. I'm going to admit a little guilty pleasure....I'm a Twilight fan. The movie based on the 2nd book, New Moon, was released last night, I'm sure you've heard about it. It seems Twilight mania is everywhere.

I've read all the books and watched the first movie numerous times. Okay I also admit owning the soundtrack & score to the 1st movie. But before you think I'm like an obssesed teenager, I have to say that I will never own a T-shirt, calendar or poster etc.

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