Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Black Silk Blouse

I've finally finished my second garment for the Autumn Sew-along, which was actually started first. It is a TNT pattern, Simplicity 3887.

I'm still trying to improve the photo taking, but at least you can see the detailing on the black in the bright light.

I think it was the first time I've worked with silk and it was a little tricky, especially since I didn't want pin holes everywhere. I fudged the neckline on my first attempt, as the silk slipped and I sewed it on skew. It took several "surgical" procedures to get it looking at least symetrical. This is the reason for the long break, I started this in September and looked at it with a fresh head yesterday.

This will be a basic blouse to dress up for my numerous events.

Looking back at my original 6-PAC Plan, I think I'll try to finish the skirt and dress before the end of the month and will start the planned raincoat at a later stage. I'll be scrapping the idea for the patchwork vest, I'll use the fabric for a quilt or another project.

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