Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lounging around......

After finishing my Bamboo shirt, I decided a weekend of mindless sewing was in order. I opted to make a nice comfy pair of lounge/yoga/pj/walking pants.

My local Fabricland, a Canadian chain fabric store, is closing this month, so I bought up a bunch of patterns at cheap prices. Burda 7890,was among them. It has a lounge pant with large patch pockets and a corded waist casing. I picked up some cotton knit fabric in winter pink and sewed it up quickly. I used a pretty pink ribbon I had in my stash instead of cord for the waistline.

If I make this one again, I think I'll add elastic to the casing, as the pants want to ride down. Heck...it might get annoying enough that I add elastic to this one too.

I must be subliminally in love with this colour, as I've owned two pairs of sweats in this exact colour, although they've both since bit the dust or more accurately being used to dust.

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