Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jam it, pickle it, cure it

I picked up this awesome book from our library. It features foodstuff usually not made from scratch such as butter, crackers, pasta, potato chips and it also has some great edible gift ideas. It is really well laid out and has some great photos. You can get a look inside on the amazon link above.

I thought I'd share the table of contents, as it gives a good idea of what's on offer:

1. MUNCH it - crackers, chips and dips
2. BOTTLE it - All manner of condiments
3. BRINE it - Pickles and olives
4. NOODLE it - Easy pasta, 3 ways
5. HOOK it - Preserved and cured fish
6. HUNT it - Prederved and cured meat
7. MILK it - Butter and cheese
8. JAM it - Preserves, curds and fruit butter
9. SUGAR it - Sweet treats
10. FREEZE it - Frozen confections
11. UNWRAP it - Making candy
12. DRINK it - Hard and soft beverages

This book is truly inspiring to any foodie. This is the type of book I will use over & over, okay maybe I should just buy it.

I tried one recipe before it had to be returned. I made fried potato chips, I split the batch and made half plain salted, suitable for the kids, and the rest was given BBQ flavour. The BBQ chips were great, as they were flavoured with cayenne pepper, liquid hickory smoke and molasses, I skipped the garlic the recipe called for.

The chips came out nice and crispy. I made the mistake of not draining some enough and put them in a bowl with the crispy ones. After a while my crispy chips weren't so crispy anymore. My bad. But they did taste really great.

I'm really eager to try some more of the recipes.

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  1. love this book too! my *to try* recipes are the severely hot sauce and the pickled green beans...