Friday, April 9, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 5

This week I made 3 dishes and chose two specifically to use my new little toy, a beautiful wooden mortar & pestle.

Macaroni & Cheese

Believe it or not, I have a 4 year old that hates mac & cheese, so I decided I had to add things he liked to maybe disguise the fact that it was mac & cheese. It didn't work so well, he just picked out what he liked and ate those separately. He usually has garlic bread with his pasta at preschool, so he was not happy to have his "garlic bread" ie croutons on his pasta and thought I was ridiculous for cutting it up so small. I have to admit that life with the boys is never dull. At least my little guy is like a human garborator and eats whatever is placed in front of him and then scavenges off our plates too.

I used this Knorr recipe for Bacon Parmasan Mac and Cheese, I had the recipe card in my recipe scrapbook. I only made one change, I couldn't find the Parmasan Basil seasoning, so I used another variety of Parmasan herb seasoning. Good comfort food.

Rackosaurus Ribs

We didn't go on any Dinosaur hunting expedition to get this meal, but my son James, who is dino-obssessed, did pretend he was a Velociraptor and he was eating a Stegosaurus. But after a few bites, he reckoned he preferred to be a plant eating Triceratops and focused on his mashed potato and salad.

I used another recipe card in my scrapbook and produced Rubbed Barbequed Baby Back Pork Ribs , except mine were done in the oven. I found this recipe as well as the next one on recipe cards in The Wine Rack, found in my local store. I went to the website printed on the card and found the blog with the recipes, what a great resource.

I chose this recipe so I could use my mortar & pestle and because my hubbie likes spicy foods. But be warned, it is spicy, so go slow on the chilli powder if you don't like spicy food. I would also warn those that don't like much salt, like us, to reduce the amount of salt used. It might not have been so salty if it was done on the barbeque???

Fish and Chips

I couldn't resist doing this recipe....Cedar Planked Pine Nut Coated Tilapia, which is in the same link as the ribs above. I got to use my mortar & pestle again and I used cedar grill planks for the 1st time. I learnt my lesson and reduced the salt. I really liked this one. Once again I used my oven instead, we don't own a barbeque...don't ask???
I know that the Cafe World version is the traditional battered and fried fish, but this is the gourmet version. So I'm counting it.

The fish was suculent, the coating was tasty and I liked the mild smoky cedar flavour.

Progress: 12/59

Next up: Something sweet....Triple Berry Cheesecake and one of the Oriental dishes.

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