Friday, April 30, 2010

Cafe World Challenge Week 8

This week saw three more dishes completed. Something sweet and two uses for ground beef. I made sure to include the cute little spring flowers in the pic to celebrate the fact that mine have also appeared in my garden.

Pumpkin Pie

I've made the Traditional version many times, but thought I'd try a new recipe this time.

I went to my trusty Martha Stewart Living Cookbook and found a Pumpkin-Pecan Pie, it sounds yummy with the pecans, but I opted to omit them for for this challenge, since the Cafe World version doesn't have any. What made this recipe different, was the addition of bourbon to the pumpkin mixture. The bourbon taste was subtle, but just enough to mess with the pumpkin flavour, I think it would have been better with the pecans as the bourbon would compliment their flavour.

You can find the recipe here, type Pumpkin-pecan pie in the search on the left. I'd really recommend this cookbook, as it has some really great recipes. It is the New Classics book, so many of the recipes have a modern twist on old favourites.

Bacon Cheeseburger

A bacon & cheese burger is my second favourite type of burger, so this was an old classic in my house. For some reason I never think to make my favourite at home....a bacon and guacamole burger. A restaurant chain in South Africa served (or serves) this burger. I find it here and there and will usually order it immediately.

If I look out of the house for a bacon & cheeseburger, McDonald's Angus Burger with Bacon & Cheese cannot be beaten. I'm usually not a Mickey Dee's fan, but my James gets to go about twice a month as a treat. The calories in their burger is frightening though, so I haven't had one in months.

My burger was made with ground beef seasoned with a bit of Texan Barbecue spice. I layered my burger up with a smear of mayo, bacon, cheddar cheese (which was placed on the burger patty to melt just before serving) and tomato. I usually add some lettuce too, but I discovered mine was a touch furry, so I had to toss it out.

It was quite funny watching my family eat their burgers. My husband skipped the cheese, bacon and tomato entirely and loaded his with hot picked peppers and hot sauce. He'd put hot sauce on his ice cream and cereal if I'd let him.
James (4) wanted everything I had, but with added pickles. He only ended up eating his bacon, pickles and some of the burger patty. Little Willem (2) seemed to prefer the cheese and had to be coaxed to eat something else. Ah the joys of feeding kids.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This was a meal where I had no problem with the kids, they cleaned their plates and had seconds. The adults loved it too. I made extra meatballs and froze them.


Equal quantity (I used 500g each for a larger batch) of ground beef and ground pork.
Freshly ground black pepper.
Dried oregano

Mix meat and spices together, form into balls and fry till browned and cooked through.

4 Ripe tomatoes
2 red peppers
1/2 an onion (or 1 small)
Minced garlic, to taste
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 2/2 tbsp fresh basil

Saute chopped onion and garlic in oil till onion softens. Add chopped Peppers and tomatoes. Cook till Peppers are soft. Add chopped fresh basil.

Serve sauce on top of cooked spaghetti and place meatballs on top. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese if desired.

Progress: 21/60

Up next: Tikka Masala Kabobs

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