Saturday, April 3, 2010

The "What was I thinking" Skirt

I've got another item in the SWAP complete, but I'm not sure yet if I can rescue it.

It a purple satin skirt made using Burda 7610.

I should've posted this a few days ago on April Fool's Day....since I was the fool. Now you can clearly see on the pattern envelope that it says, "Young Fashion". Well I just didn't see that. I thought the skirt would be cute and flirty and I thought that it was short on the model, but I'm only 5'5" and don't have such long legs, so I thought it wouldn't be THAT short on me. Wrong on all counts.

It is really short, although I could wear it with leggings. But the real problem is the back and side views. Those pleats form a bubble in the front, which is not tooo bad, but they are repeated in the back and lets say they make my butt look like a giant purple satin marshmallow.

So I'll keep this on the SWAP progress list for now, but it'll need some fixing for me to be comfortable in it. On a positive note, I sure love that colour!!!

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